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The Setup Process

Putting It All Together

One of the most unique qualities about a Whisper Creek Panel Home is the time and money that is saved in the construction process. From the inception of our company we have focused our efforts on creating a high quality panelized home within a simple, enjoyable experience. In striving to create this on every home package we build in our quality controlled facility we work very closely with our Dealers, Customers and Contractors to insure that the set-up process goes as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. Your Dealer will work with you to make sure that your lot is prepared and that your foundation is ready to accept the solid panel wall units, roofing system, loft system (when applicable), natural accents and components (where applicable, when they arrive.

One of the most enjoyable parts of building your new home will be to watch how quickly this process will go and how much time and money can be saved because of our unique process. This is what a first time new contractor recently had to say upon building one of our homes for a client.

“I would like to start by letting you know how well built your house is. I made sure that my sub-floor was right on with your plans. With a lot of kit houses, the walls can be up to 1 inch short or long. Your walls were right on. I was pleasantly surprised. Everything with the package went together nicely. I have enjoyed working with this product and look forward to putting more of your houses together.”

Steve Green, Pindale, Wyoming

Step One

Once your home arrives on site, the contractor will offload all your home’s components and do an inventory of all parts. From this point, all of the main walls and corner posts can be set the first day.

log home first wallFirst Wall
log home second wallSecond Wall
log home walls upWalls Up
log home corner bracketsCorner Brackets

Step Two

All gable ends and interior posts and beams will be put in place, glue-lam ridge beams set and ready for day three.

log home gable endsGable Ends Go Up
log home center postCenter Post
log home end postEnd Post
log home beams purlinsBeams and Purlins

Step Three

Most of this day will be spent on getting the roof joists in place along with any possible upgrades, such as dormers or porches. The sheathing is then added to bring everything under roof.

log home roofingReady for Roofing
installing log home roofingInstalling Roof System
log home inside roofingLooking Out From Within
log home sheathing installationInstalling Sheathing

Step Four

This day is slated for any finishing touches or loose ends that need to be wrapped up to complete your set-up process and prepare the home for the next stage of construction.

log home shinglingReady for Shingling
log home loftLooking Up To Loft
log home under loftUnder Loft
log home finished interiorLocked Up, Ready to Finish Interior